M&A Cybersecurity Advisor for Private Equity Firms

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Trusted cybersecurity advisor in over $7.3B PE transactions

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peer insights and benchmarking across different security controls

The Foundation of Cyber Due Diligence in Private Equity

Our unparalleled understanding of both cybersecurity and private equity deal dynamics ensures your transactions are both secure and strategically sound. By blending deep cybersecurity focus with acute deal fluency, we deliver insights that not only protect but also enhance the value of your portfolio.

Trust us to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, making it a pivotal element of your investment success.

Our Services: From Due Diligence to Strategic Exit


Cyber Maturity Assessment Platform (CyMAP)

Employ CyMAP during the due diligence phase to evaluate cybersecurity risks, bolstering your negotiation leverage and identifying essential remediation steps.

Cyber Due Diligence

Identify and mitigate critical threats pre-closing, fortifying deal security and establishing a robust post-acquisition cybersecurity foundation.


Secure Remediation Management & Oversight

Thorough oversight of cybersecurity enhancements across your portfolio, ensuring the seamless and efficient execution of remediation strategies.

Operational Resilience Planning

Empower your portfolio companies to weather cyber incidents and maintain operational resilience. Our tailored strategies bolster business continuity and ensure effective responses to cyber threats, safeguarding your investments from disruptions.

Value Enhancement
& Risk Management

Cyber Risk Assessment & Portfolio Enhancement

Indepth cyber risk assessments that validate security strengths and weaknesses through meticulous interviews and technology reviews. Our approach delivers actionable insights to strengthen your portfolio’s cybersecurity posture and mitigate risks effectively.

Cybersecurity & Technology Optimization

Tap into our strategic vendor partnerships to offer portfolio companies exclusive discounts on trusted cybersecurity technologies. This ensures consistent, cost-effective, and validated cybersecurity solutions throughout the entire portfolio.


Cyber Divestiture Readiness

Refine your business for buyer assessment, emphasizing cybersecurity strengths as a pivotal value proposition. Our emphasis lies in positioning your company as a secure, compliant, and enticing asset, enhancing its value and market appeal for the divestiture process.

Cybersecurity Assurance Attestation

Provide an authoritative declaration confirming the ongoing and efficient administration of cybersecurity practices and vulnerability resolutions during the portfolio company’s ownership period. Furnish credible evidence showcasing sustained commitment to cybersecurity to prospective buyers and investors.

CyMAP: For firms seeking efficient cyber due diligence and improved cybersecurity oversight across their investments

Our Cyber Maturity Assessment Platform, or CyMAP, equips private equity firms with a tool for conducting cyber due diligence and enhancing cybersecurity measures across their portfolio companies. By evaluating each company’s cybersecurity posture, CyMAP identifies gaps and provides recommendations for a consistent security standard throughout the investment portfolio.

Cybersecurity Advisor for M&A Transactions

BlackSwan Cyber is dedicated to private equity firms and their portfolio companies, offering cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of the sector. Our team combines extensive cybersecurity experience with a strong understanding of deal dynamics to bring a strategic perspective to our clients.

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Cyber due diligence projects since 2022


Exclusively focused on one sector

To our esteemed clients, we pledge a partnership that transcends traditional client-service provider relationships. We are advisors, strategists, and defenders of your investments. BlackSwan Cyber is dedicated to transforming cybersecurity challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience, ensuring your investments are not only protected today but poised for success in the digital age.

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